Car Donation at Kars 4 Kids at Milwaukee, Wisconsin

When you donate a car in Milwaukee, WI you receive a maximum IRS tax deduction plus a complimentary hotel voucher.

Car Donation at Kars 4 Kids

Kars4kids Car Donation program will accept used car donations. With the vehicle donation, and receive a tax deductible receipt, plus a free vacation voucher!
The average pickup time for car donations in Milwaukee is 72 hours.
All proceeds from used cars, trucks, vans, suvs, RV, trailer or boats to Kars4kids will benefit J.O.Y For Our Youth. J.O.Y. is a registered, non-profit organization providing developmental programs for at risk youth. JOY provides food, clothing, shelter, health and wellness, education, after school programs, special training, mentoring, tutoring, private counseling, summer programs, and guidance to children from the ages of six to eighteen.
They have experienced, trained operators ready and willing to help and guide through the car donation process. To donate a car, call Kars 4 Kids between 8 AM and 11 PM, Sunday through Friday or simply fill out the car donations form.
The advantage of this your used car donation from and near Milwaukee, WI . If you’re located east, west, north, or south of this area they can pick up your car. If you are interested you can contact at:

8 AM – 11 PM
(877) Kars-4-Kids
(877) 527-7454
(877) 2-DONATE
Fax: (732) 415-7480

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