The Union Project

Can Donation in Pittsburgh

Are you living in Pittsburgh? Are you looking to donate your car to a worthwhile cause? Well, there are many some very reputable groups to choose from. There is one particularly unique car donation opportunity in Pittsburgh that I think you should know about.

The Union Project

The Union Project is a group that is restoring the century-old former Union Baptist Church. They are turning this cultural landmark into a community center. This center will be a place or learning and gathering. It will also give working space for artists. The Union Baptist Church is located between East Liberty and Highland Park.

The Union Project needs cargo vans and trucks. These vehicles need to be capable of hauling 4’ X 8’ sheets of building materials around Pittsburgh. So, the Union Project needs vehicles for practical use rather than selling them for money. This is a very unique giving opportunity. Most car donation programs are there to raise money for the charity. This car donation program exists so that the Union Project can keep up its work. This donation is tax deductible, and the Union Project may be able to offer you Pennsylvania State Tax Credits for your contribution.

If you want to donate a truck or van to the Union Project, you can contact them by phone at 412-363-4550, or by e-mail at jess [at] unionproject.org
If you want to contact hem by mail, their mailing address is:

Union Project
801 North Negley Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

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