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Give Cars at Teddy Bear Cops

Terrific results are being achieved daily with the Teddy Bear Cops™ Program. Their efforts are well received by police, ambulance and fire officials all over the country. During emergency situations these children are especially vulnerable to the immediate trauma. A simple cuddly little bear given to a child at times like this has a marvelous and calming effect. We hope you will help us help the children by donating your used car or vehicle.

Here is the fast simple donation process detailed for the step-by-step.
1. Fill out a car donation online form and it gets sent to us.
2. After receiving it and evaluate whether or not they can accept the car or vehicle. And then, they will email the instructions.
3. Later that day they will send the phone number of the Towing Auction Facility so that they can coordinate pickup with them.
4. They will coordinate the pickup.
5. And notify us that your car is picked up with signed off title (free of liens) and keys.
6. After the vehicle has been sold they will send the official tax receipt.

Giving out cuddly bears is a program designed to encourage private individuals, organizations and charities to send teddy bears to police and fire departments so that they can be given to children who have witnessed or experienced a great or small calamity.

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