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Car Donation in Austin

Austin, Texas is one of the music capitals of the United States as well as the capital of Texas. But Austin also has a history of having many reputable charity organizations in the city. There is one organization, however, that merits some attention both for what they do and for their car donation program.

Safe Place

SafePlace is an organization dedicated to ending domestic and sexual violence. They do this through prevention, education, crisis prevention, and advocacy. The parent agencies of SafePlace are the Center for Battered Women and the Austin Rape Crisis Center. The Center for battered Women began in 1977 and was the first shelter of its kind in Texas. Since then, SafePlace has expanded its shelter facilities and remains one of the best places for battered women and their children to go.

SafePlace accepts most vehicles for car donation. They accept most cars, trucks, vans, fleet vehicles, trailers, boats, and recreational vehicles. It doesn’t have to run, but it should not be so bad that the only thing you could do is sell it for salvage. Here is how to do a car donation to SafePlace:

1. Call them at 512/356-1567 or email them at Auto.donations [at] austin-safeplace.org
2. Someone will call you back in 24-48 hours to arrange a pickup
3. The car is then sold at auction
4. All profits from the sale of the car goes into SafePlace’s general fund, which fund their many programs
The good thing about SafePlace’s car donation program is that you can donate your car no matter where you live in Austin. They can pick up your car anywhere in Travis County and the surrounding areas. For more information about SafePlace or its car donation program, please contact them at:

Safe Place
PO Box 19454
Austin, TX 78760
info [at] austin-safeplace.org

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