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Car Donation in Indianapolis

Car donation in Indianapolis is something you might want to consider if you live in the area. Many charities exist there that could use your car donation. Many are reputable good charities. Here is one that you might want to consider for your car donation.

Horizon House

Horizon House is dedicated to giving genuine hospitality to the homeless. Each “guest” at Horizon House is given access to a safe place. The guests are given the use of a telephone, voice mail, an address, delivery of mail and a place to store their belongings. Horizon House believes that each guest has what it takes to end their homelessness. And Horizon House seeks to work with each of its guests to make it to the next step to end their homelessness.

In addition, to make this possible Horizon House has on-site access to a medical team, mental health counselors, Veterans’ outreach workers, civil legal counsel, and housing and employment assistance.

Car Donation to Horizon House is easy. Horizon House is partnered with Donate-A-Car to handle car donations. Horizon House gets 70% from the sale of the car. Here is how to donate your car to Horizon House:

1. There are 2 ways that you can donate your car
• Call Donate-A-Car at 800-513-6560 and process your donation with a representative. Be sure to say that you want your car donated to Horizon House, Inc. of Indianapolis, Indiana.
• Go online to www.donateacar.com and follow the instructions on the website.
2. Donate-A-Car will arrange for pick-up of your car. They will also receive your signed title.
3. Then Donate-A-Car forwards 70% of the car’s value to Horizon House.

As you can see, the main disadvantage to this program is that the charity doesn’t process the car itself, but most of the money goes to the charity and the process is easy.

If you have questions or concerns about the program you can contact David Griggs at (317) 423-8909, ext. 304 or davidg@horizonhouse.cc. Or you can contact Horizon House at:
Horizon House
1033 E. Washington St.
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Phone: (317) 423-8909
Fax: (317) 423-8906

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