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Car Donation in New Orleans

New Orleans—home of jazz, Cajun food, and charities. Many nice reputable charities are in New Orleans that you may want to consider for car donation. One charity in particular warrants special attention.

Bridge House

Bridge House is an organization that makes positive changes in the lives of those afflicted with addiction. Bridge House teaches them how to recover and become productive citizens again. Bridge House also offers a work environment that teaches job skills. Bridge House is a very successful program and 70% of those who complete the recovery program there stay clean and sober after 2 years. Bridge House’s counseling programs rivals some of the finest private substance abuse facilities in the country.
So, how do you donate your vehicle? Well, first of all, Bridge House accepts most cars and boats. The steps to donate are fairly simple. All you have to do is:

1. Call (504) 598-3355 and drive your car into one of their 2 centers at:
• 1160 Camp Street, New Orleans, LA (Main office, accepts car donations, boat donations, car and boat sales.)
• 2760 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA (Used car lot, you should take your donation to the main office)

2. The car will then be worked on by the clients at Bridge House and then sold at their used car lot.
3. There is also a mail-in option. Just:
• Sign the back of the title as seller.
• Fill out the “Act of Donation Form” form
• Remove the license plate from the vehicle prior to pickup.
• Mail your original certificate of title and your signed “Act of Donation Form” to
Bridge House Corporation
Business Office
1160 Camp Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
ATT. Thomas A. Delatte
The real advantage to this program is that all the money from the sale of your car stays local. And since they do all the selling themselves, they are able to realize the most money from it. Even better is that it helps the clients of Bridge House because they actually work on the cars before they are sold.
If you want more information, you can contact David Rhodes, the Used Car Director at 504-598-3355.

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