Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Car Donation in Phoenix

There are many worthwhile charities for you to consider in Phoenix for your car donation. But there is one in particular that you may want to take a look at for your car donation.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Phoenix Children’s hospital is the only hospital in all of Arizona just for children. They not only provide care to sick children but offer much more. Phoenix Children’s Hospital offers help to the children and their families. Their belief is that helping sick children also means helping their families. They offer a child-friendly environment at the hospital that makes the experience a little better and little less scary.

Can Donation to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital is easy. You can donate your car, truck, boat, or RV. But there are some restrictions:

1. You should remove the license plate from your car
2. you must have the keys and title when it is picked up
3. Your title must be signed AND notarized when it is picked up.

Other than this, you can freely donate your car to Phoenix Children’s Hospital. For your car donation, just follow these steps:

1. Fill out a vehicle donation form online or call 602-546-GIVE
2. They will instruct you on the pickup time

One thing you should know about Phoenix Children Hospital’s car donation program is that they use an outside non-profit organization to o the actual handling of your donation. If you have any questions you can call them at:

Phoenix Children’s Hospital
Or e-mail them at:
pjhouse [at] phoenixchildrens.com

Special Ways to Give

Donate your car, truck, boat, RV or similar item to Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Arizona’s only hospital dedicated exclusively to health care for children.

This program, a cooperative effort between Phoenix Children’s Hospital and Vehicles for Charity (also a nonprofit organization), is designed to be simple and easy for you! Free pickup, contributions are tax deductible and, we’ll complete all paperwork!

Start by filling out the Vehicle Donation Form or call us with your donation information at (602) 546-GIVE

Have questions? Email or call the Foundation at (602) 546-GIVE

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