Car Donation Child Charity

Car Donation Child Charity

A nonprofit child charity that has been granted in tax exemption under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code by Donating a car, boat, motorcycle and other vehicle. These is a Nationwide Fast Pick-up within one to two days of submitting there donation form. The acceptable vehicles do not need to be running and most of the vehicle are acceptable but it depends on the year of the vehicle and its condition. They accepts boats if they on the trailer and RVs, motor homes, trucks and etc. Motorcycles are accepted but Pop-up campers are not accepted. The acceptable vehicles will turn into a bunch of teddy bears to help the children in crisis.

The Donation Process:

1. Fill-up the online donation Form and enter all the information needed about the vehicle at www dot charitydonations dot org.
2. There is a comment and question form also in the form that you can feel free to ask or comments.
3. Submit the Form.
4. After you submit the form, you will be contacted via email within in minutes.
5. Follow the instructions that are sent.
6. The towing company will contacted you to arrange the the pickup within 24 hours.
7. Notify the Car Donation Child Charity if the vehicle has been pickup up along with signed off Certificate of Title and Keys.
Finally, you will receive your official tax receipt via mail.

Check them at www dot charitydonations dot org.

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