American’s Car Donation Charities at Mesa United Way

Mesa, Arizona

There are so many problems facing our communities today — drugs, homelessness, illiteracy, poverty, worries about care of children and the elderly to name a few — and its not always easy to figure out how to help. The Mission is to increase the ability of the people of Mesa to care for one another. So many groups are asking for the support, and they want to be sure that the time and money that they give is really making a difference.

American’s Car Donation Charities at Mesa United Way

United Way is one of the best ways to build strong communities and help people who are in need. It’s a system based on the principle that united, they are stronger than should never be alone. Since 1992, America’s Car Donation Charities Center has provided non-profit organizations with a practical means of raising funds via donated vehicles. If you work with a non-profit organization, then our service as a commercial fundraiser will be of interest to you.

If you would like more information for the charitable organization, then please email us at car@program.com your name, charity name and request. One of our account managers will promptly reply to your request. Or, please feel free to call us toll-free at 1(800)237-5714 and ask for an account manager. Or you can fax at 906.631.4336.


Charitable Auto Resources, Inc.at Tucson, Arizona

Charitable Auto Resources, Inc.

Charitable Auto Resources, Inc (CARS™) is a service-oriented company based in San Diego, California. The mission is to manage successful vehicle donation programs, raising funds to support non-profit organizations and their mission. With the help of an experienced staff, the car donation program began to grow and prosper.
They handle everything from the initial phone call to the sale of the vehicle. The customer service focus is making the donation process simple and convenient for donors.
As the slogan says… We turn cars into care!
Charitable Auto Resources, Inc. (CARS™) handles vehicle donations for over 500 worthy charities and non-profit organizations throughout the United States and Canada.
If you prefer to contact them by phone, please call 888-KUAT-CAR or 888-582-8277 and one of our representatives will help you with your donation.

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