Vehicles For Charity

Vehicles for Charity is where you can donate your vehicle to the charity of your choice. Instead of selling your vehicle, trading or storing your vehicle, why not donate your car and receive a tax deduction. The 100% of the net funds from the donation of the vehicle will be distributed to legitimate 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. Vehicles for Charity is owned and operated by Metropolitan Association of Related Citizen, a nonprofit organization formed in 1968.

In donating a vehicle, just fill up the online form or call 1-800-833-3006 or 1-866-628-2277 to complete the donation process. They accepts cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, recreational vehicles, campers and many more. They will pick up the car and come to your house or office. And have an Income Tax deduction and they will provide a complete documentation for the records of your donation.

Vehicles For Charity
5943 Broadway
Denver, CO 80216
Vehicle Donation Line: 303-308-2400
Toll Free: 866-628-(CARS) 2277
Fax: 303-308-2459

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