International Friendship Inc., – Childre in Crises (IFI-CIC)

It was 1996 when International Friendship Inc. Children in Crisis established. A non-profit charity organization help the the disadvantaged children and their families worldwide. They provide emergency assistance and humanitarian aid, focusing on improving the living standards and social perceptions of youth globally.

When you donate your vehicle to IFI-CIC, you help them to provide the humanitarian aid, crisis relief, educational programs and therapeutic solutions to thousands of at-risk children and their communities, both locally and internationally. IFI-CIC provide a free towing service for the vehicle that you will donated whether it is running or not.

5 Easy Steps on Donation Process

1. Fill up the Online Vehicle donation form.
2. IFI-CIC will contact you within 48 hours to be schedule the convenient pick-up
3. At the pick-up time, IFI-CIC will provide a preliminary receipt.
4. IFI-CIC will handle the title transfer and mail you a second receipts as proof of the tax deductible contribution.
If you have an official or lien on the vehicle, be sure to have it when you call.

International Friendship Inc.
Children in Crises Programs
9 Smith Court
Hillsborough, NJ 08844
Tel: 1-800-546-7050
Fax: 1-347-312-7424

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