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Considering the many good charities that you can consider for car donation in the Portland area, it is difficult to name only a few. But this charity is very reputable and worthwhile.

Oregon Food Bank

Oregon Food Bank is a hub consisting of a network of 800 hunger relief agencies. They distribute food to the hungry that is donated throughout Oregon.

Oregon Food Bank takes cars, trucks, vans, RVs, or boats. But to donate, your vehicle must be complete. It does not, however, need to run.

For car donation, Oregon Food Bank works with Volunteers of America. The steps for car donation to Oregon Food Bank is:

1. Fill out the form
2. Fax it to 503-282-0922
3. Oregon Food Bank sends a request to VOA.
4. Volunteers of America will contact you regarding pick up and transfer of title

There are advantages and disadvantages to the program. The advantage is that minus the handling fees of VOA, Oregon Food Bank gets to the proceeds. THE disadvantage is that if you want your car to be towed by the VOA, then you have to live in all cities in the !-5 corridor from Portland to Ashland.

For more information on their car donation program, you can contact Nanette Klimkow by phone at 503-282-0555 x203. or by e-mail at:
nklimkow [at] oregonfoodbank.org

Also, check out the new online form they have here to donate:

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  • randall kohl says:

    under the steps listed #1 is to fill out the form — however no form is provided on-line. this would be a nice addition.

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