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Concept of used car donation is noble idea and it is popular
too. In daily life you see a number of vehicles with banners of
certain organizations providing services to needy people. In
this you see ambulances with thanksgiving lines to the donor who
may be an individual or a charity group. You also see some
vehicles providing assistance to victims of natural calamities
like floods and earthquakes. Have you ever think from where
these vehicles come from? Some of these vehicles are donated by
donors under used car donation scheme.

This is an easy way to make your contributions towards humanity
service. Used vehicles normal gain very little resale value and
one may even think of throwing it in scrap. But when such used
vehicle is donated to an organization, it may boost their fund
raising drive for their activities of social importance. Such
used vehicles received from the donors are used by these
organizations for providing help to need people in many ways. An
organization may modify the vehicle into an ambulance or use it
for transporting the aid to need people or the victims of some
calamity. The organization may think of auction the received
vehicle to raise fund for their social activities. In both the
cases your contribution surely helps the needy people.

If one is determined to donate his used vehicle he can search
for an organization or charity group serving the need people
through local media or through internet. After he chose a
particular organization of his preference his duty is only to
contact that organization. It is responsibility of the concerned
organization to tow away the vehicle from any part of the nation
and complete other administrative formalities. Donation of used
vehicles is a cheaper, easy and hassle free process. As there is
provision of grant of tax deduction and administrative charges
levied on such donations are lesser this system is beneficial to
both donor and organization. If you have decided to make large
contributions towards human service, donating used vehicle is
one of the easy methods. Organization may consider the sale of
such vehicles through professional auctioneers to To gain
maximum proceeds from such vehicle. This means used car
donations can yield more money than selling the same vehicle in
the market.

To avoid fraudulent uses of this system, which is very rare
governments have laid down certain rules for donating and
accepting the used vehicles. These rules are beneficial to the
donor as he all information about use and sale of donated
vehicle and he can claim tax deduction on his income. While
choosing an organization for used car donation on must check
that the organization is government approved and reliable.

No doubt, used car donation brings up rays of hope in the life
of needy and underprivileged. A vehicle which otherwise was of
no use for you and you might have faced problem of towing away
gives assistance to needy people and satisfaction to your of
having served the mankind. One must take the opportunity of
donating his used car for the humanitarian purpose instead of
throwing it in scrap.

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  • ROBERT OTAI says:

    We are a community based organization based in Africa -Uganda
    Soroti -District eastern Uganda
    we are humly requesting your organization to consider assisting us with one used ambulance for purpoes of assisting our rural poor community members who can not easly access medical services which are several kms away
    We are registered as
    P.O.BOX 271
    We shall be very grateful for your kind response
    Yours faithfully

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