Car Donation Benefits

Why are car donations a good idea? As a car owner, there
comes a point when you realize that your automobile is on its
last legs. Assuming you have the next automobile in your sights
and/or possession, what can you do with your clunker? If it’s a
heap and needs extensive work, there’s no point in giving your
wallet a beating. Why pay a thousand dollars in repairs if the
car is only worth a few hundred? Who is to say it won’t break
down again shortly thereafter, costing you even more? If the
motor runs and the wheels aren’t rolling off, a lucky younger
relative in need of a handout could take it as a present. Or you
could spend money advertising it for sale, yet receive a
pittance. Making a car donation is a smart option.

Whether a convertible, a bus, a pickup or a junker, a
non-profit charity will gladly take your vehicle. It does not
even have to be a running vehicle to donate it. It is a tax
write off and you’re able to claim more for making a
contribution than what you would get selling it. The assistance
you give to the charity of your choice by making a car donation
gives a feeling of satisfaction.

Making a gift of a car donation is simple. The hardest
part is figuring out which deserving charity gets your help, and
that’s not a bad task at all. You can choose from large national
organization that you are familiar with such as the United Way,
American Lung Association, The Red Cross, The Boy Scouts or the
Salvation Army. Or you can choose something local that will aid
your community exclusively. Church groups, schools and local
hospitals are all places to check.

Most places will come to you for a pickup within all 50 U.S.
States. The company will come with a tow truck to where your
vehicle is at your convenience. It can be towed anytime during
the week that you have time, usually within the week and some
organizations can do rush pickup within a day or two. You do not
have to pay anything for them to come and take it. If your
vehicle is worth less than $500 they’ll give you a receipt
quickly. If it is worth more, it will take longer to get your
receipt. Once you have the receipt detailing your gift of a car
donation, hold it until tax time to be itemized. You most likely
have a general idea of what your automobile is worth. Kelley
Blue Book will also aid you in assessing the value of your

Depending on the organization, up to 100% of all money made
from your car donation will go to that charity. How many times
have you given a handout to a bell-ringer or put a contribution
into a jar and felt a little guilty? Have you wished it could be
more? There may never be the “perfect time” to pull out $500 or
more to give to a charity organization you believe in. Donating
your automobile gives you that perfect time and the relief of
not having to do anything more than make a call.

About the author:
Timothy Rea has had extensive experience in the car buying and
selling world. Through his knowledge in the car business world
he has come to realize the value of car donations. He has an
easy to navigate web site dedicated to learning the pros and
cons of donating a car and is a great resource for finding all
the wonderful charities and causes you can donate your car to.
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