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Car Donation in Nashville

When you think of Nashville, you most likely think of the home of country music. But Nashville is also a city that is home to many wonderful charities to consider for car donation. Though all of them cannot be named, there is one charity that you might want to consider for your car donation in Nashville.

Nashville’s Table

Nashville’s Table is an organization that feeds the hungry. Nashville’s Table rescues excess food and then gives it to those who need it. Since it started, Nashville’s Table has rescued over 10 million pounds of food. They deliver this food in delivery trucks stocked with refrigerator and freezer units. They donate food to low-income people, as well as retirement centers, domestic abuse centers, and more with food form bakeries, restaurants, and other food establishments.

Nashville’s Table accepts any car as long as it is in good running condition. They have partnered with Vehicles for Charity for processing your car donation. To donate:

1. Fill out the online form at
2. A representative from Vehicles for Charity will call you with instructions on how to proceed with your donation.

The disadvantage to this program is that it does go through an intermediary group for the car donation. This means that Nashville’s Table won’t get the most it can from the sale of the vehicle. But they do get most of the money from the car.

If you want to contact Nashville’s Table, then contact them at:

Nashville’s Table
1416 Lebanon Road
Nashville, TN 37210

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