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Car Donation in Boston

There are many worthwhile charities to consider for car donation in the Boston area. It would be impossible to list all of these. I will, however, list one of the most deserving charities.

Greater Boston Aid to the Blind

Greater Boston Aid to the Blind an agency dedicated to helping people who are visually impaired. They focus on adults who are 50 and older. They deal with their personal support and rehabilitation. Their goal is to help the visually impaired lead independent lives.
Greater Boston Aid to the Blind accepts all cars made after 1987. The car should be running, but can be in non-running condition if it is due to something minor, such as a dead battery. You must have clear title to the car to donate it.

These are the steps to car donation:
1. Call and they will take down your title information and address.
2. You will receive a letter of thanks, a tax form to fill out, and a page from N.A.D.A. Appraisal Guide with your car’s make, model, and trade-in value highlighted.
3. Your pick-up order is faxed to the auction company.
4. A towing company will pick up your vehicle within 10 days.

A good thing about donating a car to Greater Boston Aid to the Blind is that they receive the full sale value of the car when it is sold at auction, minus the towing expenses. So, when you donate to them, you can be sure that they are getting most of the money.
You can contact Grater Boston Aid to the Blind at:

Greater Boston Aid to the Blind
1980 Centre Street
West Roxbury, Massachusetts 02132
phone: (617) 323-5111
fax: (617) 323-6687
e-mail: eyeinfo [at]

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  • Kumbirayi Kadenge says:

    I am a volunteer with Araunah Mission Fellowship for the blind in Zimbabwe. Do you donate cars to the blind in Africa?

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